About Us

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Fitin Skills is a London-based career coaching consultancy. Our aim is to give you the skills you need to fit in your dream job within your dream company, because we believe that everyone should love their job rather than just have a job.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, for progress in your current role or feel overwhelmed due to cultural differences, we tailor make our coaching sessions for you and your vision of the future. Because no one coaching session should ever be the same!

Fitin Skills provides research-backed career advice, so you don’t have to dig deep in the internet to find your answers. We also interview subject matter experts on certain topics and bring you their valuable opinion based on their real-life experience.

Fitin Skills was founded by Lusine Magakian, who has a decade of international experience in banking, finance, and recruitment. Having recruited for the largest financial entities and worked in the industry herself as a Global Risk Manager, Lusine has an in-depth understanding of the financial industry from the inside out and the internal culture that differentiates each company.

Lusine’s career begun in a Big 4, after graduating in a BSc with Economics in Barcelona. Shortly after, she was accepted to the “Banco Santander Talent Scholarship Programme” to complete an MSc in Banking and Risk and relocated to the UK as part of the programme. Once in the UK, Lusine has built her career within the global banking giants, having worked for a number of blue chip banks.

Having lived in 6 different countries, 8 different cities and been to over 10 different schools, Lusine has developed an instinctive skill of striving, coping and merging within the new culture and environment that she’s in. Passionate about psychology and human behaviour, Lusine has undergone a considerable self-study in this area to understand how organisations are created and what drives individuals to act the way they do in a workplace.

Based on her own life experience and success, Lusine has founded Fitin Skills to bring a much needed high quality career advice to an under-served market. She believes that everyone should love and be passionate about their job. However, there’s a time in each individuals life when one feels overwhelmed or full of doubts. Even the most successful seem to lose their faith at some point. If only we all had access to quality and expert advice at such times! Our purpose is to support you, help you visualise your future and break-free from your fears at any time throughout your career life. Our ultimate goal is to align your strengths with your dreams.